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Do you have something to say about me? It can be anything from a single sentence to a complete book.


I have come to know Carin in the last year through a website called Deviant Art.  She has great photos and writes poetry.  Both forms of art show her depth of feeling for life and the beauty she sees everywhere.
Carin has a heart for helping her fellow man. When a fellow photographer ran into a family crisis (a parent in the hospital and a sudden move), Carin and another person on Deviant Art set up an account (Chip for people to donate funds to help him out. I'm sure she has done the same for others.
Carin is an active internet volunteer. She is on the staff of and heads up the "The Monday Feel Good" feature each week and the mentoring program as well. I feel privileged to call Carin my friend.  I think she would be good at organizing any event a person might have.
Connie Bunke
(Michigan,  USA)