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Do you have something to say about me? It can be anything from a single sentence to a complete book.


I first met Caja in a art community called shadowness I was joining their contest called FOR THE WIN contest and I entered the vector/vexel category and I choose her as my reference picture. I just love the simplicity of her picture, simple but has a thousand emotion on it. Unfortunately I didn't win but the experience was worth it.

I met  the most kind, down to earth, creative and talented artist I know on SN you can approach her if you have concern and she will help you with open arms
I remember the story of my fellow artist, he's telling me that Caja's Mentor program help him a lot in so many ways.

so the only thing that I can say to her is...Thank you for everything :D on your kindness that makes my day a lot better and for helping us.

On your artwork that inspired me to do more and be the best that I can be.
your influence means a lot to me