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Do you have something to say about me? It can be anything from a single sentence to a complete book.


My name is Patrick Sablan and I'm a Poet/Singer-Song Writer and Musician as well as an art enthusiast. I'm self-employed as a Brick and Stone Mason, with extensive creative and management skills and a sound general knowledge in many fields, including Counseling, Motivational Speaking, Psychology, History, Races and Cultures and Social Studies to name a few. I would like to volunteer my observations on Carin Jacobsson.

I began working as a Staff Support Member in an online Art Community called Shadowness, of which Carin is a member of the Staff. Carin strikes me as a very capable person, who has a quiet intelligence, a gentle but determined form of leadership, and who is very competant and highly skilled in her assigned tasks. She seems to know exactly when and where to take charge, or to merely offer her support and assistance in any matter which arises, and this observation comes by having experienced her assistance as a new Moderator.

She has always been respectful and polite in her superior position, and very approachable, but there is also a no nonsense air about her doings which elevates her in my esteem. She is always professional, as far as can be determined on the Internet,and she conveys that same sensation whenever I am privileged to have dealings with her. Her art speaks to me of a value for excellence and effort. In my own assessment of her personality type, I view her as extremely stable, commited, capable, and most important to me, a person of good character and one upon whom any person may gladly rely.

If I had a paid personal staff in an Art related field, Carin would be a member without question. And in my personal opinion, if I needed an Art Manager to head such a Staff, I would not hesitate to employ her. She has latent capabilities yet to be unleashed by opportunity, and as an intuitive leader myself, I say with no hesitation that Carin will not only step up and perform in any new challenge or situation, but she will in her quiet, subtle way take ownership overall. I also feel strongly that I could just leave things in her hands and forget about everything, and it will evolve and flourish under her care without much input required beyond ordinary operational concerns.
I may be reached at   DCC2010 [at] live [dot] com 
 Patrick Sablan